36 channel NicoletOne Clinical EEG

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36 channel NicoletOne Clinical EEG

GHS 71,105.36
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Estimated Delivery Date: February 20, 2024 - February 27, 2024


The NicoletOne EEG System includes a 36 channel amplifier, computer, 17″ LCD monitor, keyboard, mouse, photic light on articulating arm, photic stimulator box, and isolation transformer, all on a mobile cart.

Warranty: 90 Days – Parts and Labor.

NicoletOne Clinical EEG (cEEG):

The NicoletOne cEEG is a functional and flexible 36 channel clinical EEG system. The NicoletOne Nic36 amplifier is attached with a thin, durable, fiber-optic interface impervious to electrical, radio, and magnetic interference.


From the acquisition components of the system and the data they gather, to the ergonomically designed system controls, you will find efficiency, comfort, and usability with NicoletOne cEEG. Even the cables and connections are lighter, easier to use, and provide faster, easier hook-up within the system and through your local area network (LAN).

Patient/Data Management:

The VIASYS Data Exchange (VDEX) solution V-Link provides integration of patient data across all VIASYS NeuroCare’s PC-based data acquisition, review and informatics products, and a common gateway for all of the modules available for NicoletOne.

A common interface (for entry of patient demographics, exam scheduling, network connectivity, launch of data acquisition/review, and data archiving) across multiple NicoletOne or other VIASYS NeuroCare systems is provided via the NicVue Patient Administration environment.

Workflow strategies within NicVue assist your lab in organizing acquisition, review, and archiving functions inherent in the EEG study.

Reduce errors and increase efficiency with hospital information system (HIS) connectivity through V-Link.

Eliminate retraining for patient/data administration when adding or moving between the applications available on NicoletOne.


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