12 Channel 12 Lead Ekg Ecg Machine with Analyzer

GHS 19,210.76
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12 Channel 12 Lead Ekg Ecg Machine with Analyzer

GHS 19,210.76
Super Deals

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Estimated Delivery Date: July 11, 2024 - July 18, 2024


Product Description

SINOHERO Digital Portable Electrocardiograph 12 Channel 12 Lead Ekg Ecg Machine with Analyzer


ECG1200G is an 12 channel Colorful HD Display screen Electrocardiograph which can collect 12-lead ECG signal and print waveform by the thermal printing system. The 10.1-inch full-fit color touch screen with a resolution of up to 1280*800 provides users with good visual effects, richer display content, clearer waveforms, and more reliable results. The button + touch combination operation realizes fast, intuitive and concise operation, and truly allows users to experience the “what you want is what you get” experience. The soft silicone buttons are used to experience a comfortable touch. Widely use in Hospitals, clinics, etc.

SE1200 engineered to be a medical Electrocardiograph system, complying professional high level standards, using high quality measurement accessories. Accurate:12 leads simultaneous acquisition, with advanced algorithm for automatic measurements and interpretation, ensure good reading and accurate during different situation. Reliable:Constructed by sturdy materials case highly resist for critical environmental influence, also reduces electromagnetic interference that disrupt measurements, very suitable for long time monitoring. Smart:Smart and user-friendly operation system, with the quick start capability and one-button workflow, the lead map help users with lead placement and identify poor connections or missing electrodes easily. Simple:Color 10 inch Full touch screen, for your convenience operation by both touch and short-cut hot keys, enable 12-lead simultaneous sampling and displaying at the same time. Cost-effective:Super pricing ratio and special distribution policy support available! Connectivity:Built-in case database management system can store 1000 cases, standard USB export also can review the records, analyse and print the reports by PC through standard PC station software.

Product mode :
SE1200  12 channel ecg machine
10.1” HD color LCD touch screen
EMG Filter
EMG Filter
AC filter
Low pass filter
Time constant
AD conversion
24 bits
input impedance
Polarization Voltage
:±950 mV ±5%
Packing & Delivery
Package included:
1XSE1200 ECG Machine
1XLead cable
1XLimb electrode(4PCS)
1XChest electrode(6PCS)
1XData transmission line
1XThermal recording paper
1XPower cord
1XEarth wire
1XUser manual


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