Digital mammography x-ray breast diagnosis machine

Original price was: GHS 9,541,317.34.Current price is: GHS 876,345.54.
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Digital mammography x-ray breast diagnosis machine

Original price was: GHS 9,541,317.34.Current price is: GHS 876,345.54.
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Quick Details
Place of Origin:Guangdong, China
Brand Name:MSL
Model Number:MSLRX04
Warranty:2 years, 2 years
After-sale Service:Online technical support
Instrument classification:Class II
Product name:digital mammography
X-ray tube voltage:20-40kV(step 0.5kV)
Radiograph time:0.005-10s
Minimum mAs:0.5mAs(50ms 10mA)
Exposure control:manual ,semi-auto,auto
Raiating mode:cross-ventilation
C Arm frame:vertical range of motion 630-1400mm,deviation±5%
Certificate:CE ISO
Properties:Medical X-ray Equipments & Accessories
Packaging & Delivery
Product Description

Digital mammography x-ray breast diagnosis machine device price

Digital Mammography System

High voltage generator Type High frequency inverter type

X-ray tube voltage 20-40kV(step 0.5kV)

X-ray tube current 10mA-160mA

Maximum output power 5kW(40kV,125mA)

Nominal power 4.8kW(30kV,160mA,0.1s)

Radiograph time 0.005-10s

mAs 0.5mAS~560mAs

Minimum mAs 0.5mAs(50ms 10mA)

Maximun mAs 560mAs

Minimum mAs in AEC 6.3mAs

Exposure control manual ,semi-auto,auto

Radiating mode cross-ventilation

X-ray tube XM15 HMT-113

small focus/big focus small focus/big focus

Focus size 0.1mm/0.3mm 0.1mm/0.3mm

Maximum anode heat capacity 225kJ(300kHU) 225kJ(300kHU)

Maximum heat dissipation 500W 500W

Anode cooling mode oil cooling oil cooling

Nominal voltage 40kV 40kV

Target angle 15° 10°/16°

Target material Mo Mo

Radiation field 18cm-50cm 18cm-50cm

Inherent filtration 0.5mmBe 0.5mmBe

Additional filtration 0.03mmMo /

Anode speed low-speed3000r/min; high-speed 10000r/min low-speed3000r/min; high-speed 10000r/min

Anode input power 1.15-2KW / 4.8-9kW 0.7-1.35kW / 2.9-4.9kW

X-ray tube socket (C339v)

Additional filtration 0.03mmMo

Weight 13kg

C Arm frame

vertical range of motion 630-1400mm,deviation±5%

Rotation range of motion +195°~-155°Angular division value 1°,deviation±2%

FID 660mm,deviation±5%

3D tomographic axial rotation +30°~-30°deviation±2%

Rotate Mode power-drive double speed rotate

Preset angle and memory function

Oppression plate range of motion 245mm,deviation±10%

range of motion in 1.5 times platfo 150mm,deviation±10%

range of motion in 1.8 times platfo 75mm,deviation±10%

Operation mode Manual/Auto

Pressure range 0-300N(Manual)150-200N(Auto)

FPD AXS-2430 HMD-2430

Pixel unit 85um 85um

Effective pixel size 239.36*304.64mm 239.36*304.64mm

Pixel matirx 2816*3584 pixels 2816*3584 pixels

Spatial resolution ≥7 lp/mm ≥7 lp/mm

Cooling mode fan cooling fan cooling

Grayscale ≥16bit ≥16bit

DQE ≥50% ≥50%


Grid proportion 5:1

Size 338*264mm

line pair 36lp/cm

focus 66cm

Collimator (HMC-915)

Power supply 24V DC,2A

Radiation field Min 5*5cm/Max 24*30cm

Radiograph platform Field 24*30cm SID 660mm,deviation±5%

1.5 times radiograph platform Field 16*20cm SID 440mm,deviation±5%

1.8 times radiograph platform Field 13.6*16.7cm SID 366.7mm,deviation±5%

Inherent filtration 0.02mmAl

Additional filtration 0.03mmMo /0.025Rh

Illumination in max SID >160Lux

Timer Button/Auto,30s timer

Indicator light LED

maximum radiation leakage <40mRh

Light field switch Auto

Weight 3.6kg

Image Acquisition Workstat Screen size/resolution 19″,Resolution 1280*1024,Contrat 1000:1

Memory ≥8G

Hard disk ≥320G

OS Win7

Image format DICOM3.0(can connect with RIS)

Image storage capacity ≥20000 images

mamual input patients’ date or download form HIS/RIS through DICOM Worklist

CD-R writer (storage image)

Choosing Breast implants Function

Integrated design with High voltage generator, exposure specification setting in workstation

Technical Parameters
mammography device
Radiation field Min 5*5cm/Max 24*30cm
Timer Button/Auto,30s timer


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