1000PCS Sterile Adhesive IV Cannula Fixing Dressing Transparent

GHS 1,119.00
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1000PCS Sterile Adhesive IV Cannula Fixing Dressing Transparent

GHS 1,119.00
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Product Code
Product composition
Release paper,PU film,Absorbent pad,PET backing or Release paper backing
Suitable for various indwelling needle or PICC fixation
5000 pcs
6*7 cm used for various indwelling needle fixation 10*12 cm used for PICC/CVC fixation Can order 15*20 cm, 20*30 cm for fixation
of negative pressure drainage

Inner packing is paper plastic bag,outer is carton case.

Customized packing accepted.
Free sample is available, but with the freight collected.
 * Quick and easy application, easy removal
* Hypoallergenic
* For single use only
* Sterile and individually packed
* Air Permeable
* X-Ray Permeable
* Leaves no residues when removed
* Provides barrier to bacteria and thereby reduces the risk of infection
* Excellent cannula stability
* Convenient visual inspection
General Details
QICHUANG PU dressings minimize dressing changes hence prevents skin irritation and provides more patient comfort. The film ensures
excellent fixation of the cannula so that the patient can move freely with the cannula fixed. Transparent film enables regular
inspection of the cannula insertion site for signs of infection without having to remove the dressing. Highly stretchable film
facilitates easy and painless removal of the dressing after the use.
Product Description
* Sufficient quantity: different sizes are convenience for you

* Quality material: featuring nice gauze material, our adhesive island dressing has good air permeability, good stickiness, not easy to fall off, soft, breathable patch with a semi-closed, non-woven adhesive backing, no latex, giving you comfortable using feeling
* Easy to replace: the center of the non woven adhesive wound dressing is a soft, non-sticky, has good absorbent cushion that provides nice cushioning performance; The edge of the adhesive will not cause skin uncomfortable, easy to replace when peeled off
* Nice packaging: bordered gauze is individually packaged, tidy and clean, easy to store; Various sizes give you multiple options, help you choose whichever is suitable without affecting your daily activities
* Comfortable and soft: this adhesive gauze island dressing is breathable and comfortable, nicely help you get away from outside dirty things, no latex, giving you a convenient using experience

1.Please clean or sterilize the skin according to the hospital’s operation standards.
2.Make sure the skin is dry before applying the dressing.
3.When select the dressing, make sure the dressing should be at least 2.5cm larger than the wound, and
paste the dressing on dry, and health wound skin
4.When the dressing is broken or dropped off, please change it immediately to ensure the protection and
fixation of dressing
5.When there is heavy exudation from the wound, please change the dressing in time
The viscosity of dressing will be decreased by detergent, bactericide or antibiotic ointment on the skin.
6.Don’t drag the dressing, when sticking it to the skin, or unnecessary hurt will be caused to the skin.
7.Remove the dressing and take necessary treatment when there is inflammation or infection for the skin.
During the treatment, please increase the frequency of changing.


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